New England Chapter Webinar: Integrated Continuous Manufacturing: Challenges, Benefits, and Risks

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New England Chapter of the PDA is excited to offer the next webinar in our series.

Continuous manufacturing has been gaining considerable attention within the pharma industry, as manufacturers look to evolve their outdated production systems. Regulators, such as the US FDA, are also encouraging companies to adopt advanced systems so quality and access of life-saving drugs can be improved. In fact, the recently released ICH Q13 Guideline focuses specifically on continuous manufacturing. Finally, as governments look to strengthen drug supply chains, in light of vulnerabilities revealed during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, they are looking for advanced methods that will align with certain expectations and standards (e.g., automation, safety, environmental impact).

Dr. Takizawa will be discussing:

  1. Technical Characteristics
  2. Benefits (e.g., lead time, costs, quality)
  3. Challenges / Risks
  4. Implementation
  5. Regulatory and Quality Aspects
  6. Strategic Considerations
  7. Continuous Manufacturing in MA

Although the speaker will concentrate mainly on small-molecule drugs, he will also discuss the application of continuous manufacturing to other modalities, such as biologics.

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