Live eLearning - PDA 743 Modern Thermal Validation Using Real Time Wireless Dataloggers

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Advancements in thermal mapping technology provide for real-time gathering and analysis of validation data for temperature-controlled processes essential to ensure product quality in manufacturing and distribution operations. This simplifies the validation process and increases efficiency while maintaining data integrity and reducing risk.

This interactive training course will cover current regulations and guidelines for thermal validation, applicable testing methodology and real-time mapping technology. Participants will learn how to properly design and perform thermal validation studies for typical industrial processes. They will also learn about current mapping technology and its application.

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PDA Sterilization Training Courses

  1. Identify current regulations, applicable guidelines and their acceptance criteria for specific processes
  2. Choose a proper testing methodology for a thermal validation type
  3. Recognize mapping technologies and their application
  4. Calculate test results from mapping data
  5. Compare test results against acceptance criteria

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