PDA EU00187 Characteristics of Pharmaceutical Elastomers in Parenteral Packaging Systems

Gothenburg, Sweden
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Pharmaceutical elastomers are commonly applied in the form of stoppers, plungers, and O-rings for parenteral drug-delivery applications. Here, good sealing is an apparent property for effective drug containment; however, there are several other critical attributes that govern the selection of an appropriate elastomeric component for safe and efficacious drug-delivery.

In this one-day training course, you will gain insight into the fundamentals of pharmaceutical elastomers with practical considerations. Industry experts will describe component selection strategies, review manufacturing technologies, component processing and sterilization techniques. There will be a focus to understand the origin of defects and analytical tools applied for their characterization.

  • 1. Select an appropriate packaging container for drug delivery with a focus on elastomers and lined aluminum seals
  • 2. Explain the science and manufacturing principles behind elastomers for pharmaceutical packaging
  • 3. Evaluate the critical processing parameters that determines if RFS or RTU
  • 4. Discuss the evolution in the regulations that govern elastomeric closures
  • 5. Describe best practices in primary packaging selection

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Day 1

Thursday, 19 October 2023

09:00 Welcome and Collection of Participant's Expectations

09:15 Introduction to Container Closure Systems

  • Vials, PFS, Cartridges with a focus on elastomeric and aluminum components

09:30 Introduction to Pharmaceutical Elastomers

  • Selection criteria and key considerations
  • Physical and chemical properties
  • Applications, variations, and functionalities
  • E/L profiles

10:30 Coffee Break

11:00 Pharmaceutical Elastomer Manufacturing Process

  • Manufacturing technologies
  • Understanding critical manufacturing parameters

11:45 Processing of Elastomeric Components

  • Fundamentals of RFS and RTU components
  • Importance of siliconization and selection criteria
  • Basics of camera inspection
  • Sterilization choices and elastomer packaging selection

12:45 Lunch Break

13:45 Elastomeric Testing

  • Understanding origin of defects
  • Defect classification (discussion of PDA TR76 report)
  • Commonly applied analytical methods
  • Test methods discussion – for eg. CCI, silicone, moisture retention, chemical identification

14:45 Coffee Break

15:15 Regulatory Requirements Applicable to Elastomeric Closures

  • Pharmacopoeia requirements for elastomers and aluminum seals 
  • Recent changes / updates in USP <381> and PH. Eur. 3.2.9.
  • FDA requirements & post approval changes for container closure system / components 
  • Recent EU regulations on primary packaging 

16:30 Q&A and Summary

17:00 End of Training Course Day

Agenda is subject to change.

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Gothia Towers Hotel
Mässans Gata 24
41294 Gothenburg,

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Attn. Emelie Sandell

Just a 20-minute walk from the hotel you will find The Garden Society of Gothenburg - one of Europe's best-preserved 19th-century parks. At the other end of town you will find the Botanical Garden, a world-class botanical garden with over 16,000 species to admire.

How to Get Here
By Air Airport buses travel to and from Landvetter Airport (appox. 20 min. journey) stopping at Korsvägen/Svenska Mässan. They run directly between these stops.
By Car E6 / E20 (from north) and road 45 (from Karlstad): On arrival at Gothenburg, turn off at the sign “Mässan Scandinavium Liseberg”. Take the first exit on the left, turn right onto Örgrytevägen and then take the next exit right towards Svenska Mässan. E6 / E20 (from south) and road 40 (from Borås): On arrival at Gothenburg, turn off at the sign “Mässan Scandinavium Liseberg”. Then take the second exit right towards the hotel.