Automated Deterministic Inspection Technologies for Complete Quality Control of Prefilled Syringes

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Prefilled syringes and single use injection devices are the future of pharmaceutical delivery systems. As the industry develops unique delivery solutions, greater understanding and control of primary container quality is needed. Shifting strategies within the pharmaceutical industry around container closure integrity (CCI) are driving towards a more robust data driven environment. Deterministic technologies that provide a more reliable test measurement can be leveraged to automated inspection platforms. Challenges that face the prefilled syringe call for deploying alternative technologies and inspection methods. This presentation will cover challenges of the prefilled syringe and technologies for prefilled syringe inspection. Scientific case studies will establish criteria for successfully deploying a next generation CCI inspection technology. Automatic inspection systems that provide answers to the dynamic challenges introduced by prefilled syringes creates a level of assurance required for such high-risk applications.

More information coming soon.

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