Supply Chain Challenges, During Covid-19

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Program Highlights

The pandemic COVID-19 has an impact on the economy globally. This webinar focuses on the challenges the supply chain for the pharmaceutical industry faces. The topics include:

  • Logistics in Asia Pacific: The challenges and the solutions
  • Sourcing and delivery of excipients and drug substances
  • Sourcing and delivery of components and materials
  • Impact of supply issues from the perspective of a contract manufacturer
The topics which will be addressed by four industry experts:
  • Paul Mimnagh , Business Group Director Asia Pharmaceuticals, IMCD. UK/Malaysia
  • Matthew Gim , Market Intel Management , Samsung Biologics. S.Korea
  • Brett Marshall , Corporate Head of Quality Assurance. Zuellig Pharma. Singapore
  • Kim Rice , Director of Supply Chain and Project Management. Exelead. US
  • Georg Roessling , Asia Specialist / Consultant. PDA (Moderator)

This webinar covers the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the manufacturing and delivery of pharmaceuticals. The supply chain process can be rather complex in such an industry, if one component is not present then logistical problems are bound to happen along the way. All these components may originate from different countries, while certain processes may be done in a new set of countries.

With the presence of Covid-19, we face a situation where countries have lockdowns, discontinue manufacturing, close borders, and introduce special controls, which leads to an interruption of supply chains. This is where risk management strategies need to be in place to reduce the risk of drug shortages, or to even overcome the problem.

More information coming soon.

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