2024 PDA Surfactants in Biopharmaceuticals Webinar

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Welcome to the 2024 PDA Surfactants in Biopharmaceuticals Webinar, co-organized by Clear Solutions Laboratories!

Join the discussion around topics such as the mechanism of stabilization of surfactants, regulatory requirements, lipase-mediated hydrolytic degradation, and its implications for product development and control strategies.

An exceptional lineup of speakers will accompany the webinar:

  • Ashutosh Rao, U.S. FDA
  • Prof. John Carpenter, Carpenter Bioparma Consulting
  • Tarik Khan, Roche
  • Inn Yuk, Genentech/Roche
  • Atanas Koulov, Clear Solutions Laboratories

The speakers will share their insights and expertise on the above-mentioned topics, providing valuable information for anyone interested in biopharmaceuticals.

A Q&A session will provide an interactive platform to address your queries after the talks. This is an excellent opportunity to learn from some of the leading experts in the field. We encourage you to register for the event and actively contribute to the Q&A session to share your knowledge and expertise with industry experts.

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Day 1

Wednesday, 07 February 2024

Moderator: Roman Mathaes, Clear Solutions Laboratories

Mechanisms for protein particle generation during interfacial stresses and its inhibition by surfactants

John Carpenter, Carpenter Biopharma Consulting

Root causes and mitigations to surfactant-related liabilities

Inn Yuk, Genentech/Roche & Tarik Khan, Roche

Control strategies for surfactants in biopharmaceuticals

Atanas Koulov, Clear Solutions Laboratories

Regulatory considerations for surfactants in biopharmaceuticals

Ashutosh Rao, U.S. FDA

Featured Presenters


  • Roman Mathaes, PhD

    Clear Solutions Laboratories

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