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2023 Universe of Pre-Filled Syringes

2023 PDA Universe of Pre-Filled Syringes and Injection Devices Conference

Oct 17 - Oct 18, 2023
Gothenburg, Sweden

20 Years of Innovation in Drug Delivery – What’s Next?

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Program Highlights

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Looking forward to seeing you in Gothenburg.


Dear Colleague,

The PDA and the Scientific Program Planning Committee cordially invite you to join us in person in Gothenburg, Sweden from 17-18 October 2023 for our 20th edition of the PDA Universe of Pre-Filled Syringes and Injection Devices Conference!

Since its inception, this conference has been a cornerstone for our industry to learn, share, debate, and collaborate, to face our common challenges, and to drive forward innovation in injectable drug delivery. In 2004, the conference made its humble debut in Europe with a focus on pre-filled syringes and an attendance of fewer than 100 people. Since then, the conference has expanded to the United States, grown tremendously in scope and attendance, and enabled the creation of various task forces that serve important missions in our industry. After 20 years, we remain reflective, proud of our purpose, and grateful for our collective achievements. Today, the PDA Universe of Pre-Filled Syringes and Injection Devices Conference is the perfect platform to present breakthrough innovations, help foster knowledge, and contribute to the wider pharmaceutical and medical device industries' shared purpose to improve global health.

This year, we are excited to return to the beautiful city of Gothenburg, Sweden, known for its culinary scene, friendly people, and seaside charm. In 2022, Gothenburg was ranked first by the Global Destination Sustainability Index for the seventh year in a row, making it not only a well-placed and culturally engaging location for our event but also a responsible one.

Consistent with our strong history, we are creating another exciting program focused on the most impactful and current topics of interest, such as the delivery of novel therapeutics, digital health, and sustainability. Our venue offers you the invaluable opportunity to expand your knowledge and identify new technologies, approaches, and business opportunities, and the program is designed to provide ample time for discovery in our vast expo hall and for networking with leading key opinion leaders, industry peers, service providers, and vendors.

We welcome you with open arms to join us, reconnect with your PDA family, and contribute to the world's leading event on this topic.

We look forward to seeing you there!

The Co-Chairs

Theresa Bankston, BD
Alessandro Morandotti, Stevanato Group


  • Theresa Bankston, BD
  • Alessandro Morandotti, Stevanato Group
  • Frank Bamberg, CSL Behring
  • Nicolas Brandes, WEST
  • Marion Briggs, HealthBeacon on behalf of Alliance to Zero
  • Bart Burgess, SHL Medical
  • Flora Felsovalyi, LONZA
  • Christian Helbig, SCHOTT
  • Shirish Ingawale, Takeda
  • Laurent Jeanmart, GSK Vaccines
  • Akshay R. Kamdar, Eli Lilly and Company
  • Christian Kollecker, Harro Hoefliger
  • Jakob Lange, Ypsomed
  • Philippe Lauwers, Terumo
  • Manfred Maeder, Novartis
  • Roman Mathaes, Clear Solutions
  • Maggie Reiff, Genixus
  • Brigitte Reutter-Haerle, Vetter
  • Patrick Wieland, Bausch & Ströbel
  • Josh Eaton, PDA
  • Falk Klar, PDA Europe
  • Stefanie Nebelin, Senior Manager Programs & Events, PDA Europe


  • Day 1
  • Day 2
  • Posters
  • Tuesday, 17 October 2023

    09:00 I Welcome and Introduction
    Falk Klar, PDA Europe
    Theresa Bankston, BD
    Alessandro Morandotti, Stevanato Group

    09:15-12:40 I Opening Plenary: The Evolving Landscape of Patient-Centric Care
    Moderator: Theresa Bankston, BD

    Significant advances in injectable drug delivery have been made over the past 20 years, and rapid evolution aimed at improving patient experience, health outcomes, and total cost of care is expected to continue. This session will reflect on drivers and enablers for this evolution, challenges faced, the impact achieved, and expectations for the future. We will learn perspectives from a patient, drug manufacturer, device developer, and service provider on what it takes to develop, commercialize, and manage effective therapies, together. The audience can expect to hear highlights about market and healthcare ecosystem dynamics, the role and future of smart devices, how to incorporate patient insights, shared lessons learned, future opportunities, and more.

    The Inspiring Evolution of Parenteral Combination Products from 2004 to Today from an Entrepreneurial Perspective – And a Peek at What Is Coming
    Stephen Perry, Kymanox

    How Understanding Patient Behavior and Experience Can Assist in the Development and Optimization of Treatments – A Patient Perspective
    Piet Christiaens, Nelson Lab

    10:15 - 11:15 | Coffee Break, Poster Session & Exhibition, Tech Talks & Guided Poster Walk (Part I)

    How Smart Devices are Impacting Delivery of Care and Improving Patient Experience
    Alexander Rupp, Sanofi
    Eric Dessertenne, Biocorp

    Interactive Questionnaire Session
    Via Mentimeter

    Panel Discussion

    12:40 - 14:10 | Lunch Break, Poster Session & Exhibition & Tech Talks

    14:10-15:30 I Session 1A: Large Volume
    Moderator: Frank Bamberg, CSL Behring

    Large-volume injections are a challenge primarily for the patient. Device manufacturers and the pharmaceutical industry have taken on this challenge. Devices were adapted to the needs of the patients and the injection volume. Additives were developed so that the human body absorbs larger amounts better. In this event, solutions, and the ways to get there will be shown and discussed.

    Pre-Clinical Assessment of a High-Volume, High-Speed Prototype Auto-Injector to Subcutaneously Deliver a Polyclonal Antibody with Recombinant Human Hyaluronidase PH20 (rHuPH20)
    David Kang, Halozyme Therapeutics

    Exploring US Payer Perspectives on Large-Volume Subcutaneous OnBody Delivery Systems: A Double-Blinded Preference Study
    Mehul Desai, Enable Injections

    A Case Study: How Stakeholder Needs Guided the Collaborative Development of a Pre-Filled Syringe and an Autoinjector for Large-Volume Subcutaneous Drug Delivery
    Sven Pohle, SCHOTT Pharma
    Reto Jost, Ypsomed

    Q&A, Discussion

    14:10-15:30 I Session 1B: Digital Health and Smart Devices
    Moderator: Jakob Lange, Ypsomed

    The digital revolution is making its way into the injection device area. This session will provide examples of recent innovations and approaches to include behavioral science in the development of smart devices, how digital health can enable improved adherence tracking, and obtaining regulatory clearance for digital solutions in the injection space.

    Next Generation Auto-Injectors: Leveraging the Power of a Digital Platform for Enhanced Adherence Tracking
    Teodora Caragea, Merck KGaA

    Injecting Behavioral Science into Self-Administration Combination Products, Where Digital Meets Physical: Reflections, Challenges, and Observations
    Julian Dixon, AstraZeneca

    Regulatory Clearance for Implementation of a Digital Solution Supporting Use of an Autoinjector
    Christoph Joosten, F. Hoffmann-La-Roche

    Q&A, Discussion

    14:10-15:30 I Session 1C: Manufacturing
    Moderator: Laurent Jeanmart, GSK Vaccines

    Regarding manufacturing processes in constant evolution, this session will describe several case studies about track and trace solutions (RFID) and efficient collaboration for stability improvement for a combination product. Moreover, new Ready to Use (RTU) container aseptic practices in compliance with EU GMP Annex 1 will also be presented.

    A Case Study in the Implementation of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) -Enabled Pre-Filled Syringes on an Aseptic Fill and Finish Line
    Herve Soukiassian, BD
    Mario Schwab, Optima

    Validatable Transfer Method for Ready to Use (RTU) Syringes and Vials into Grade A in Compliance with EU GMP Annex 1 including a Case Study
    Andreas Kerschbaumer, Novartis
    Manfred Holzer, SKAN

    Synergistic Collaboration with Glass Syringe Manufacturer during Drug Product Lifecycle: A Case Study on Improved Stability for a Combination Product
    Stefano Pilati, Stevanato Group
    Andy Han, Bayer (remote presentation)

    Q&A, Discussion

    15:30 - 16:30 | Coffee Break, Poster Session & Exhibition + Guided Poster Walk (Part II) & Tech Talks

    16:30-17:50 I Session 2A: Patient Interface
    Moderator: Christian Helbig, SCHOTT Pharma

    The pharma industry has increasingly adopted the mantra of “patient-centricity” which aims to put the patient at the heart of the consideration of the drug and device development process. In this session, we will present and discuss aspects of Human Factor practices in the context of Low-to-Middle-Income healthcare settings, early inclusive design approaches as well as patient insights on their sustainability expectations of drug delivery devices.

    Inclusive Design in Medicine and Device Development
    Dave Pearce and Chiko Ncube, GSK

    Patient Voices in Sustainable Drug Delivery: Insights on Self-Injection Devices
    Jakob Lange, Ypsomed

    Global Health: Deploying Human Factors Research Within Low-to-Middle-Income Countries
    Alejandra Anderson & Timothy Quigg, Crux Product Design

    Q&A, Discussion

    16:30-17:50 I Session 2B: Development
    Moderator: Shirish Ingawale, Takeda

    Persistent innovation continues to drive evolution of treatment modalities and injection systems that strive to fulfil growing trends such as novel formulations, self-administration, less frequent dosing, etc. This session will focus on developing robust, reliable, and high-quality drug delivery devices and drug/device combination products. The speakers will discuss approaches to achieve highly desired and equally challenging traits – speed, optimal quality, and enhanced user experience – during the development of combination products through risk-based approach and control strategies.

    Combination Products Control Strategy– A Holistic Approach and Statistical Considerations
    Ying Wang, Pfizer

    The Strategy of Accelerating Injectable Combination Product Development for Faster Clinical Entry and Market Access
    Peng Li, Merck Group

    Current Trends and Future Innovations in Autoinjectors for Large-Volume Subcutaneous Delivery: A Systematic Literature Review
    Andreas Schneider, Ypsomed

    Q&A, Discussion

    16:30-17:50 I Session 2C: Regulatory
    Moderator: Manfred Maeder, Novartis

    During our regulatory session, we will hear about the most recent changes and expectations on the Medical Device Regulation (MDR) including the expectations on the GSPRs (General Safety and Performance Requirements) for medical devices and drug-device combinations. And we will learn more about the notified body opinion process and some case studies associated with that new requirement. Furthermore, there will be some evaluation and comparison of new HFE (Human Factors Engineering) requirements around the globe.

    Update on Technical Report 73-2: Application of Medical Device Regulations, EU GMP Annex I Requirements (GSPRs) for Staked Needle Syringes
    Bettine Boltres, West

    Article 117 Medical Device Regulation (MDR) - Notified Body Opinion: State of the Play and Lessons Learned
    Christiana Hofmann, Anteris Medical

    Are we Two of a Kind? Recent Regulatory Developments across the Globe, and how those might Impact Future European Human Factors Engineering Submissions
    Petra Boeree, Emergo by UL

    Q&A, Discussion

    17:50 | End of Conference Day 1 and Networking Event
  • Wednesday, 18 October 2023

    09:00-10:20 I Opening Plenary: Industry Partnerships for Sustainable Product Design and Recycling
    Moderator: Akshay R. Kamdar, Eli Lilly and Company

    This plenary session focuses on the importance of sustainability in the pharma/biotech industry. Key topics such as designing products with a patient and planet-centric mindset, addressing recycling challenges for medical devices with design guidance for end-of-life recycling, and exploring industry partnerships and collaborations for recycling will be highlighted.

    HPRC Design Guidance: Enabling Recycling at End-of-Life
    Bas Coolsma, Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council (HPRC)

    Addressing Recycling: One of the Bottlenecks of Circularity
    Naresh Budhavaram, Eli Lilly and Company

    Industry Collaboration for Device Sustainability
    Paolo Mangiagalli, Sanofi

    Designing for Patients and the Planet: Circular Solutions for Pharmaceutical Products
    Cedric Gysel, Johnson & Johnson

    Panel Discussion

    10:20 - 11:05 | Coffee Break, Poster Session & Exhibition & Tech Talks

    11:05-12:25 I Session 3A: Sustainability
    Moderator: Marion Briggs, HealthBeacon on behalf of Alliance to Zero

    This session will focus on the primary drivers and challenges when considering sustainable models within the industry. Our speakers will cover the critical factors influencing lifecycle assessments, digital solutions within sustainability, and how to leverage these processes to increase operational efficiency. Key highlights include real-world examples, strategies for implementation, and how to leverage lifecycle assessment data for a more sustainable future.

    Carbon Footprint of Capital Good Gains Attention
    Markus Winter, Harro Höfliger
    Bernhard Gerl, Körber Pharma

    EcoDesign Considerations and CO2 Reduction for Medical Devices
    Glenn Svedberg, Nolato AB

    A Parametric Model Developed from Activity-Based Footprinting to Simplify the Complexity of Lifecycle Assessment Towards Sustainable Autoinjector Devices
    Veluska Bruce, SHL Medical

    Q&A, Discussion

    11:05-12:25 I Session 3B: Innovation and Collaboration
    Moderator: Philippe Lauwers, Terumo

    Speed to market has become a differentiating factor for success in the pharma industry nowadays. To bring products to market quickly, pharma companies, device suppliers, and contract manufacturers must build strong and efficient partnerships and establish robust supply chain channels. In this session, we will provide valuable insights from all stakeholders and offer recommendations on how to accelerate development, foster seamless collaboration, and better meet customer needs.

    From Drug Development to Final-Packaged Product: The Role of Strategic Partnerships in Streamlining On-Body Delivery Systems Manufacturing
    Christian Riva, Stevanato Group
    Chris Howell, ThermoFisher

    Importance of Selection and Management of Appropriate Partnerships for Combination Product Development and Lifecycle Management – Perspectives from a Pharmaceutical Company and A Device Manufacturer
    Tushar Patki, Biogen (remote presentation)
    Nathan Kast, BD

    The Secret of Successful Partnerships between Pharmaceutical Companies and Their Device Suppliers
    Jiaying Shen, Merck & Co, Inc

    Q&A, Discussion

    11:05-12:25 I Session 3C: Drug Container Interaction
    Moderator: Roman Mathaes, Clear Solutions

    Join us for an insightful session on drug-device interaction. Our expert speakers will shed light on key topics such as visible particles in combination products, exploring their impact on drug stability and patient safety. We will also delve into new findings of silicone oil interaction with drug products, addressing potential risks and mitigation strategies. Additionally, our session will focus on the unique challenges encountered in developing pre-filled syringes for intravitreal injections.

    Silicone Depletion in Combination Products Induced by Biologics
    Wolfgang Friess, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

    Comprehensive Countermeasures to Reduce Proteinaceous Visible Particles in Liquid Monoclonal Antibody Products
    Keijiro Hatade, Chugai Pharmaceutical

    Delivering a Superior Ophthalmic Pre-Filled Syringe (PFS) with Low Particles and Exceptional Human Factors
    Chris Weikert, SIO2
    Simon Lay, Cytiva

    Q&A, Discussion

    12:25 - 14:25 | Lunch Break, Poster Session & Exhibition & Tech Talks

    14:25-17:15 I Closing Plenary: Keynotes
    Moderator: Alessandro Morandotti, Stevanato Group

    Regulatory Compliance is key for the successful development of combination products. Fulfilling these requisites imply continues updated of the regulatory strategy. In this session, we will review and discuss the implication of the New EU GMP Annex 1 on the pre-filled syringes manufacturing and processing, and we will conclude with an overview of the emerging global policies to have a look at what is coming next.

    Manufacturing of Pre-Filled Syringes – The Impact of New EU GMP Annex 1
    Daniel Müller, Local Inspectorate Tübingen

    Global Regulatory Policies Impacting Prefilled Syringes and Injection Devices
    Rumi Young, BD (Former FDA-Regulator)

    15:15 - 16:00 | Coffee Break, Poster Session & Exhibition & Tech Talks

    16:00 - 16:05 | Passport Raffle

    Closing Panel Discussion

    Join our Discussion with Experts from the Industry and Regulatory
    • Bart Burgess, SHL Medical
    • Manfred Maeder, Novartis
    • Daniel Müller, Local Inspectorate Tübingen
    • Karthik Vaideeswaran, Eli Lilly and Company
    • Rumi Young, BD (Former FDA-Regulator)

    Co-Chairs Conference Summary
    Theresa Bankston, BD
    Alessandro Morandotti, Stevanato Group

    Closing Remarks & Farewell
    Falk Klar, PDA Europe

    17:15 | End of Conference

    The agenda is subject to change without notice, Speakers are invited, pending confirmation

  • The following posters will be presented during the Guided Poster Walk on Day 1 at 10:15h and during each break in the Exhibit Hall

    Pre-filled Syringe and Device Performance Testing for the Development of Autoinjector Combination Products
    Lucy Lee, SHL Medical
    Yannick Dähler, SCHOTT Pharma

    Reusale vs Single Use: Device Trade-Offs in Improving Sustainability
    Alastair Willoughby, Team Consulting

    Pre-Filled Syringes Automatic Visual Inspection to Guarantee Product Quality And Patient Safety
    Giuseppe Petrosino, Antares Vision Group

    Optimizing Initiation for Self-Injectable Medications with Remote Demonstration Kits Delivered via Specialty Pharmacy
    Paul Sullivan, Noble International

    Demonstrating The Utility And Flexibility of Electromechanical Drives for Autoinjectors
    Bjarne Sorensen, Phillips Medisize

    Differential Pressure Controlled Container Closure Integrity Testing
    Christian Proff, F. Hoffmann-La Roche

    Novel Automatic Pen Injector Development: From Patients’ Needs to Early Concept Generation
    Pascal Dugand and Radoslaw Romancsuk, Nemera

    Embedding Connectivity in the Lifecycle of an Autoinjector: An Innovation Partnership Exploratory Case Study
    Chelsea Williams, SHL Medical

    Ambient Temperature Sterilization of Cold-Chain, Product Filled Syringes with Chlorine Dioxide
    Emily Lorcheim, ClorDiSys Solutions

    How to Select the Right Primary Container for Your Autoinjector Product?
    Juan Cheng, MSD

    Case Study: VHP Sterilization Process Compatibility Testing for GORE® IMPROJECT® Pre-Filled Syringe Solution
    Juha Mattila, STERIS / W.L.Gore & Associates

    A Novel Combined Approach to Better Predict Sealing Performance of Luer Lock Connectivity
    Julien Singer, BD

    Comparison of the Cobalt Content in Needles Stainless Steel in Agreement with EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR)
    Laura Beradi, Stevanato Group

    Improved Design Robustness by Combining Injection Molding Software with Measuring Software
    Patrik Ingvarsson, Nolato

    Managing Finished Product Testing Challenges in Dual-Chamber Devices
    Michael Thomas, Lyophilization Technology

    Take-Back Schemes for Electronic Medical Devices
    Oliver Gazeley, Roche

    Importance of Autoinjector Rod Selection in 1mL and 2.25mL Applications
    Tibor Hlobik, West Pharmaceutical Services

    Sustainable Design of a Smart Pre-Filled Syringe
    Salvatore Forte, Flex

    Performance and Application of a Novel Intradermal Injection Device, Exploring New Possibilities for Cancer Therapy
    Sakiko Shimizu, TERUMO

    Exploring New Possibilities for Cancer Therapy
    Kim Alexander, Core Human Factors

    Evaluating Syringe Plunger Functional Performance to Secure Pre-Filled Syringes & Auto-Injectors Integration and Machinability on Filling Lines: PremiumCoat® 1-3 mL Syringe Plunger
    Sebastien Cordier, Aptar Pharma

    The following posters will be presented during the Guided Poster Walk on Day 1 at 15:30h and during each break in the Exhibit Hall

    Next Generation of Prefilled Syringes for High End Novel Biologics: How to Build New Design Principles to Reduce Risk of Drug Device C ombination Product F ailure Modes?
    Claire Brunet, BD

    Leveraging Data Analytics to Ensure Consistent Autoinjector Performance for Production Ramp-Up
    Hung Kai Ting, SHL Medical

    Exploring US Payer Perspectives on a Large-Volume Subcutaneous On-Body Delivery System: A Double-Blinded Preference Study
    Mehul Desai, Enable Injections

    Viscosity-Agnostic Injection of Drug Formulations
    Simon Rufer and Vishnu Jayaprakash, CoFlo Medical

    Nonlinear Tissue Permeability Drives Tissue Pressure and Injection Distribution: A Computational Investigation of Subcutaneous Injections
    Scott Lovald, Exponent

    Finite Element Analysis of Skin Deformation and Puncture for Microneedle Array Design
    Scott Lovald, Exponent

    Maximizing Efficiency: Optimizing Samples for Destructive Performance Testing
    Steven Malbon, Medical Engineering Technologies

    De-Risking Your Development Program: Starting With the Right Plunger
    Tibor Hlobik, West Pharmaceutical Services

    Using Digital Instructions to Address On-Market Product Complaints and Improve User Experiences
    Thomas Grant, Team Consulting

    Re-Thinking Human Factors in Obesity: Development of Simulation and Physical Test Models of Human Soft Tissue to Study Autoinjector Activation Performance
    Eric Linvill and Chung Tsai, SHL Medical

    Simulating E-Studies Using HRAM-GCMS and HRAM-LC/MS/MS Screening at 1 ng/mL Level
    Eva Rödel, Solvias

    High Speed High Potent Syringe Line
    Radek Fialka, Oncomed Manufacturing

    Aseptic Transfer of RTU Containers in Light of the New Annex 1
    Robert Kibele, Groninger

    Ebeam Technology – Transfer Technology for Pre-Sterilized RTU Components
    Manfred Holzer, SKAN

    Pre-Filled Ophthalmic Syringes - New Possibilities in Terminal Sterilization
    Bernd Zeiss, Gerresheimer

    Correlation Between Container Closure Integrity and Specification Limits for PDF Systems
    Federico Sabini, LONZA

    Exemption for Dose Accuracy in Test Method Validation of Autoinjector Platforms
    Joseph Chou, SHL Medical

    Helium Leak Testing Plastic Containers
    Amor Chabchoub, PTI

    Particulate Characterization in Protein Therapeutics: Staggered Approach
    Ulli Hohenester, Solvias

    Transport and Lymphatic Uptake of Biotherapeutics in the Subcutaneous Tissue and the Role of Tissue Rheology
    Ehsan Rahimi, Purdue University

    Impact of Siliconization Type and Formulation on Functionality of Pre-Filled Syringes
    Zhuang Guisheng, WuXi Biologics

    Interferometry-Based Measurement of Silicone Oil Thickness in Both - Empty and Filled Syringes
    Zhuang Guisheng, WuXi Biologics

    A Matter of Hydrophobicity or Layer Mobility? A Case Study
    Daniel Fuchs, LMU München

    PDA Combination Products Steering Committee

Networking Opportunities

Location: Teatergatan at Valand, Vasagatan 41, 41136 Gothenburg

Since its inception, the PDA Universe of Pre-Filled Syringes and Injection Devices Conference has been a cornerstone for the industry to learn, share, debate, and collaborate, to face the common challenges, and to drive forward innovation in injectable drug delivery. The 20th edition of the PDA Universe of Pre-Filled Syringes and Injection Devices Conference is the perfect platform to present breakthrough innovations, help foster knowledge, and contribute to the wider pharmaceutical and medical device industries' shared purpose to improve global health. Additionally, the networking event will definitely be remembered: Light, Camera, Action - PDA goes Hollywood.


* Enjoy the time with peers and friends and feel free to continue on your own after 22:00

Highlighted Speakers

Naresh K. Budhavaram
Naresh K. Budhavaram
Eli Lilly and Company
Teodora Caragea
Teodora Caragea
Piet Christiaens
Piet Christiaens
Nelson Labs NV
Wolfgang Friess
Wolfgang Friess
Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich
Cédric Gysel
Cédric Gysel
Johnson & Johnson
Daniel Mueller
Daniel Mueller
German GMP Inspectorate
Stephen Perry
Stephen Perry
Rumi Young
Rumi Young

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