2023 PDA Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products Conference

Baltimore, MD
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Program Highlights

Don't miss out on hearing directly from U.S. FDA representatives and industry experts on hot topics relating to the development and advancement of cell and gene therapies!

Tiffany Lucas
Tiffany Lucas, PhD
Gene Therapy CMC Reviewer, OTP, CBER, U.S. FDA
Brenton McCright
Brenton K. McCright, PhD
Biologist, OTP, CBER, U.S. FDA
Mikhail Ovanesov
Mikhail V. Ovanesov, PhD
Branch Chief, OPPT, OTP, CBER, U.S. FDA

The Program Planning Committee would like to warmly invite you to join us for the 2023 PDA Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP) Conference on 07-08 June in Baltimore, MD.

This year, hear from industry leaders and experts on challenging topics such as current best practices for the development of suitable control strategies, lessons learned from working with CMOs and other partners and the required technology transfers. We will also cover the evolving landscape of global regulatory regulations and expectations.

The intent of this 2-day event is to share valuable lessons learned from the development and commercialization of novel and effective cell and gene and tissue therapies. The set-up of interactive panel sessions will facilitate the discussion and understanding of challenging topics and their possible resolutions. The agenda will include sessions on topics such as product development, risk assessments, technology transfer, suitable control strategies, and evolving best industry practices and regulatory expectations. Join us for this exciting event, network with peers and leaders, and hear about valuable lessons learned from leading ATMP experts!


  • Stephan Krause, Bristol Myers Squibb (Co-Chair)
  • Friedrich von Wintzingerode, Genentech, Inc. (Co-Chair)
  • Michael Blackton, Electrofi
  • Dayue Chen, Genentech, Inc.
  • Lori Dingledine, Spark Therapeutics, Inc.
  • Richard Denk, SKAN AG
  • Darius Pillsbury, ValSource, Inc.

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Day 1


07:00 – 17:30 | Registration Open

07:00 – 08:00 | Continental Breakfast

08:00 – 09:45 | P1: Advancing Innovation from Research to the Clinic
Moderator: Friedrich von Wintzingerode, PhD,
QC Lead iNeST (individual Neoepitope Specific Therapy), Genentech, Inc.

In this session, we will begin with an overview of the science of cell therapy and how that science is continually evolving in an effort to address challenges across many indications. The session will conclude with a discussion of how clinical and regulatory strategies intersect with CMC  in order to advance these promising therapies toward approval and beyond.

08:00 | Welcome Remarks from Co-Chairs
Stephan O. Krause, PhD,
Executive Director, AS&T, CT Global Quality, Bristol Myers Squibb
Friedrich von Wintzingerode, PhD, QC Lead iNeST (individual Neoepitope Specific Therapy), Genentech, Inc.

08:15 | Living Drugs for Patients with Cancer: Cell Therapy, Past, Present, and Future
Kimberly Noonan, PhD, MPH, CEO/CSO, WindMIL Therapeutics/Nacelle Bio

08:45 | Mind the Gap: Regulatory Considerations for Clinical and CMC Product Development
Eric Dollins, PhD,
VP, Head of Global Regulatory Affairs, Adaptimmune

09:15 | Q&A

09:45 – 10:30 | Networking Break in the Exhibit Hall

10:30 – 12:00 | P2: Managing Complex Manufacturing Networks for ATMPs
Moderator: Richard Denk, Senior Consulting Aseptic Processing & Containment, SKAN AG

Managing complex cell and gene therapy networks involves coordinating and optimizing a variety of interconnected processes and stakeholders involved in the development, manufacturing, and delivery of cell and gene therapies.

Some key considerations for managing complex cell and gene therapy networks include:

  1. Collaborative partnerships: cell and gene therapy networks often involve multiple stakeholders, including academic institutions, research organizations, manufacturers, and regulatory bodies.
  2. Regulatory compliance: cell and gene therapies are subject to a variety of regulatory requirements, including those related to safety, efficacy, and manufacturing.
  3. Manufacturing process optimization: the manufacturing of cell and gene therapies is a complex process that often involves multiple steps and technologies.

10:30 | Managing a Complex Global Network for Internal and External QC Testing for Autologous Cell Therapies
Stephan O. Krause, PhD
, PDA ATMP Advisory Board Chair

11:00 | The Regulatory View: Maintaining Control of ATMP Manufacturing and Drug Products
Tiffany Lucas, PhD, Gene Therapy CMC Reviewer, OTP, CBER, U.S. FDA

11:30 | Q&A

12:00 – 13:15 | Lunch

13:15 – 14:45 | P3: Cell Banking and ATMP Development
Moderator: Dayue Chen, PhD, Head of Cell Therapy Technical Development, Genentech, Inc.

As in the case of biologics, establishment of cell banking systems is essential for the development of many ATMP products such as stem cell-based (e.g., iPSC) allogeneic products and viral vector-based gene therapies. It is a critical element of the overall control system that assures consistent product quality and robust process performance. While a master cell bank alone is sufficient in supporting the early phase of clinical development and manufacturing, a two-tiered cell banking system composed of master cell bank (MCB) and working cell bank (WCB) is needed to support commercial manufacturing. However, the topic of cell banking has not received much public attention in the ATMP community. In this session, our presenters will discuss various aspects of cell bank systems in the context of ATMP development and commercialization with the focus on regulatory expectations, MCB/WCB manufacturing, MCB/WCB testing and characterization, and timing of MCB and WCB manufacturing.

13:15 | Testing Recommendations for Cell Banks Used to Manufacture Cellular Therapies
Brenton K. McCright, PhD, Biologist, OTP, CBER, U.S. FDA

13:45 | Key Considerations for Banking and Characterization of cGMP Compliant Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
Darrin Kuijstermans, MSc, PhD, Associate Director of Cell & Gene Therapy Process Development, Lonza

14:15 | Q&A

14:45 – 15:30 | Networking Break in the Exhibit Hall

15:30 – 17:00 | P4: Supply Chain Considerations Specific for ATMPs
Moderator: Friedrich von Wintzingerode, PhD, QC Lead iNeST (individual Neoepitope Specific Therapy), Genentech, Inc.

ATMPs pose a unique challenge to companies' supply chains. This session will provide insight into ATMP supply chain complexity and challenges to building scale into the supply chain, the importance of ATMP cost-of-goods (COGS), as well as specific examples and case studies related to maintaining quality across multiple outsourced partners and material shortages and long lead times.

15:30 | Building Quality Systems for a Virtual and Decentralized Manufacturing Model
Krisha Patel, Co-Founder, Assurea

16:00 | CGT Supply Chain Complexity, Scaling CGT Supply Chains, and Challenges to Addressing COGS
James Andrew Case, MBA, Head of Supply Chain - Cell & Gene Therapies, Genentech, Inc.

16:30 | Q&A

17:00 – 18:00 | Networking Reception in the Exhibit Hall

Day 2


07:00 – 17:30 | Registration Open

07:00 – 08:30 | Continental Breakfast

07:00 – 08:15 | Breakfast Session: Points to Consider When Delivering ATMPs to Patients
Friedrich von Wintzingerode, PhD, QC Lead iNeST (individual Neoepitope Specific Therapy), Genentech, Inc.

This session provides an insight into the challenges companies face when manufacturing ATMPs and delivering them to patients. We will hear how an evolving global regulatory environment is challenging CAR-T manufacturing and items to consider when building a vein-to-vein program for ATMPs under the U.S. FDA’s Expanded Access Program.

07:00 | Considerations Operationalizing a Sponsor’s Expanded Access Program for Manufacturing Facilities
Heidi Davis, Executive Director, Quality Systems & Compliance, Bristol Myers Squibb

07:25 | Understanding an Evolving Global Regulatory Landscape for CAR T Manufacturing 
Scott R. Nichols, PhD,  
Director – Product Quality Lead, Kite, a Gilead Company

07:50 | Q&A

08:30 – 10:00 | P5: Industry and Agency Perspectives for Analytical Method Lifecycle Steps
Stephan O. Krause, PhD, Executive Director, AS&T, CT Global QualityBristol Myers Squibb

This session will cover industry and agency perspectives for suitable analytical method development and lifecycle approaches for accelerated ATMP product development and commercialization processes. Phase-appropriate method development, validation, transfers, and change/improvement strategies will be discussed with regarding to data expectations, and other critical points to consider for successful regulatory submissions. Valuable lessons learned from working in an accelerated development environment with a common goal to bring life-saving therapies to patients will be provided from industry and agency SMEs.

08:30 | Risk-Based Analytical Staging during Product Development  
Mikhail V. Ovanesov, PhD, Branch Chief, OPPT, OTP, CBER, U.S. FDA

09:00 | Phase-Based Method Development for Cell Therapy Drug Products
Carmen WarrenDirector, Immune Cell Attributes, Kite, a Gilead Company

09:30 | Q&A

10:00 – 10:45 | Networking Break in the Exhibit Hall

10:45 – 12:15 | P6: Raw Material Management and Control
Moderator: Lori Dingledine, QC Lead- Microbial Control and Compendial Testing, Spark Therapeutics, Inc.

Raw materials for ATMPs can be a unique challenge as some of the materials we work with may be from single sources, may come from non-GMP facilities and process, and may have an evolving supply chain. How do we help our organizations develop a strategy to navigate these challenges from development through commercialization while leveraging our quality systems, material controls, and risk assessments? This session will cover industry examples of approaches to raw materials, from sourcing through testing and release in accelerated environments. 

10:45 | Overcoming Challenges for CGT Raw Materials
Philip Garibaldi, Quality Control Raw Materials Manager, Lonza Cell and Gene Therapy

11:15 | A New PDA Points to Consider Document in the Making: Materials for ATMP Manufacturing
Ryan Murray, MS, Senior Consultant, ValSource, Inc.

11:45 | Q&A

12:15 – 13:30 | Lunch

13:30 – 15:00 | P7: Manufacturing Process Design and Implementation: A Risk-Based and Science-Driven Approach
Moderator: Darius Pillsbury, Senior Consultant, ValSource, Inc.

This session will focus on the design of novel processes for the manufacture of ATMPs and the many challenges encountered in the implementation and monitoring of those processes through the product lifecycle. The employment of science-driven and risk-based approaches to the management of these processes including considerations of the unique quality and technical challenges that must be addressed through clinical and then commercial manufacturing stages will be explored, as well as the many factors that are important to the development of successful control strategies.           

13:30 | Quality Considerations and Challenges in Development and Manufacturing of ATMPs
David P. Geoghehan, MBA, Vice President, Spark Therapeutics, Inc. 

14:00 | Points to Consider for the Manufacturing of ATMPs
Richard Denk, Senior Consulting Aseptic Processing & Containment, SKAN AG

14:30 | Q&A

15:00 – 15:45 | Networking Break in the Exhibit Hall

15:45 – 17:00 | P8: Panel of Experts
Moderator: Stephan O. Krause, PhD, Executive Director, AS&T, CT Global Quality, Bristol Myers Squibb

Were there questions you didn’t have a chance to ask during the past two days? Now is your chance to get them answered! Join us for our final panel discussion to hear directly from our industry and regulatory experts. 

15:45 | Panel Discussion
Heidi Davis, Executive Director, Quality Systems & Compliance, Bristol Myers Squibb
Tiffany Lucas, PhD, Gene Therapy CMC Reviewer, OTP, CBER, U.S. FDA
Mikhail V. Ovanesov, PhD, Branch Chief, OPPT, OTP, CBER, U.S. FDA
Carmen WarrenDirector, Immune Cell Attributes, Kite, a Gilead Company

16:45 | Closing Remarks from Conference Co-Chairs
Stephan O. Krause, PhD, 
Executive Director, AS&T, CT Global Quality, Bristol Myers Squibb
Friedrich von Wintzingerode, PhD, QC Lead iNeST (Individual Neoepitope Specific Therapy), Genentech, Inc.

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