Yves Mayeresse GSK

Yves Mayeresse

Yves Mayeresse GSK Director

Yves Mayeresse is director in manufacturing technology inside MSAT by GSK. He has more than thirty years of experience in the pharmaceutical and vaccine sector, he has worked for different companies. Yves has managed activities such as parenteral production, set-up of new Freeze-Drying facilities, design of Freeze-Drying cycle and development of new stabilizers for freeze-dried products. Transfer of product towards different internal and external site. He has worked on the industrialization of new freeze-dried products and then in the technical life cycle management. Now, Yves is focusing on different new and established technologies used for the upstream and downstream of primary operations, isolator technology and secondary operations from formulation to freeze-drying. He is an engineer in biochemistry, has written articles about Freeze-Drying science and is a regular speaker for conferences on Freeze-Drying. He is a regular committee member for PDA and former chairman of conference.