Yves Barbier MA

Yves Barbier MA TEXCELL FRANCE Sales and Marketing Director

After a master's degree in microbiology and immunology, I joined Florence Colbère-Garapin's laboratory in the medical virology unit headed by Professor Florian Horaud at the Pasteur Institute to study the persistence of the virus responsible for Poliomyelitis. In 1993, I joined the Texcell service laboratory of the Pasteur Institute as a virology research engineer to develop viral safety tests using PCR tools to secure biological products and to study industrial processes regarding their capacity to inactivate and/or eliminate viruses: 'viral validation'. After 6 years spent carrying out viral security experiments supervised by my mentors such as Professor Françoise Barré-Sinoussi, Nobel Prize winner in Medicine and Director of Studies using retroviruses, then a 6-month stay in the United States, I held the position of Business Development Manager at Texcell. In 2002, having become Deputy Director of the laboratory, I had the chance to initiate the spin-off of the laboratory from the Institut Pasteur and to participate in the creation of Texcell SA as co-founders and Vice President, Sales and Marketing. After developing commercial activity in Europe, the United States and then Asia, and completing an MBA Executive Management at ESSEC in 2018-2019, I am currently responsible for strategic commercial development. For more than 32 years in the environment of viral safety of health products of biological origin, and having the chance to have followed all the evolution of regulations and guidelines in terms of safety, I am asked to carry out assessments on all types of products of biological origin developed by our customers, and also to give courses to future students of biotechnology engineers or pharmacists on the current regulations on recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies.