Vishal Sharma MS Vienni Training & Consulting LLP

Vishal Sharma MS

Vishal Sharma MS Vienni Training & Consulting LLP Cofounder - Director

Vishal Sharma is Masters in Microbiology, and is member of the group that provides technical and practical support to the biopharmaceutical industry in India. He has played a hand in helping many organizations grow and change, especially in the oncology research/development, scale-up, production, monitoring and validation. He has a body of credible work in the aseptic process and terminal sterilization optimization, in India. With more than 23 years of being in the biopharmaceutical and allied industry, Vishal is committed to supporting and strengthening the systems approach that has been used in biopharmaceutical organizations especially in the microbiology and aseptic areas, where he helps with optimization, rationalization, change, governance, strategic planning, team building, leadership development, and conflict management. Vishal actively volunteers with PDA at local and global level, he is currently the President of the India Chapter, and is a member of RAQAB. He volunteered as a task force member for PTCs on Remote audits and Inspections. Specialties: Vishal has a deep interest in the impact of an organization’s process optimization on its culture, with a particular emphasis on the effects of return on investment in aseptic processing, microbiology & sterilization.