Victoria Raburn Pfizer Inc.

Victoria Raburn

Victoria Raburn Pfizer Inc. Manager, Environmental Compliance

Victoria Raburn is the Environmental Control Environmental Compliance Manager at Pfizer's Rocky Mount manufacturing facility. I have a team of 2 microbiologist, 3 aseptic process engineers, and a growing team to 20 aseptic coaches and 2 lead aseptic coaches. My microbiologists complete walk through of controlled areas to ensure compliance with procedures, facility and equipment is maintained, and to find possible root causes for environmental excursions. My aseptic process engineers focus on contamination control throughout the facility with guidance on material transfer processes, personnel gowning, and guidance on controls for startup after environmental disturbances. My aseptic coaches are focused on compliance within the aseptic filling lines with techniques and behavior, process improvements, and procedural updates for best practices. I have been with the Rocky Mount site for 11 years in various roles including Aseptic Coach/Sanitation Supervisor, Validation Engineer, Technical Sterility Services Aseptic Process Engineer, and now Environmental Control Environmental Compliance Manager.