Tsuyoshi Ando, PhD PMDA, Japanese Pharmacopeia

Tsuyoshi Ando, PhD

Tsuyoshi Ando, PhD PMDA, Japanese Pharmacopeia

Dr. Ando currently holds the position of Director, Division of Pharmacopoeia and Standards for Drug, Office of Review Management at the PMDA.

His primary function is to manage the secretariat committee of Japanese Pharmacopeia (JP). Specific responsibilities include managing the secretariat of committee of JP and the PMDA’s technical activities in the Pharmacopeial Discussion Group (PDG), and also collaborating with WHO through the International Meeting of the World Pharmacopeias.

Previously, he worked for PMDA as Review Director of Office of Drug IV, Review Director of Medical Devices III, Deputy Secretariat Director of Office of Review Innovation, Deputy Manager of Office of Review Management Pharmaceutical Affairs Consultation Group on R&D Strategy, Reviewer of Office of Biologics I, and also joined ICH-S7B (Expert) and ICH-Q11 (Topic Leader).

He holds a Ph.D. in Pharmacology from Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Science.