Teddy Klein Sanofi Pasteur

Teddy  Klein

Teddy Klein Sanofi Pasteur

Mr. Klein has been with Sanofi Pasteur since 2008 in Manufacturing Technology department first, then in Global Engineering department as Technology Program Manager, where he is now leading the Primary Containers Identification Program.

He is Mechanical Engineer graduated from the Engineer School “Institut Catholique d’Arts et Métiers” in France. He also has a Master Degree in Mathematics.

He has worked first in Automotive (Arvin Meritor) and Energy (General Electric) fields. Then he joined the pharmaceutical industry as a consultant for Big Pharma companies like AstraZeneca, Fareva or Cephalon mainly for Lean Manufacturing implementation.

He has a strong and extensive expertise in pharmaceutical Filling & Packaging and is supporting different industrial projects related to Datamatrix coding, anti-counterfeiting measures and new packaging implementation.