Taylor Chartier Modicus Prime

Taylor Chartier

Taylor Chartier Modicus Prime CEO

Taylor Chartier is a former data scientist and engineer from the pharmaceutical industry. She has supported FDA Biologics License Applications by advancing Quality by Design initiatives in Process Development, Manufacturing Sciences and Technology, and Commercial Manufacturing operations. She has also applied machine learning and artificial intelligence for multivariate modeling to optimize pharmaceutical production and perform root cause analysis, most recently at Bayer Pharmaceuticals.  Her education consists of a 5-year accelerated bachelors and masters program in chemical engineering at the University of Rochester, NY, and she was most recently pursuing a PhD in applied AI with wearables research for Parkinson’s patients at the University of Luxembourg.  Chartier started the AI software company, Modicus Prime, to provide pharma with compliant AI computational techniques and apply them in a vigorous way to help safely and more efficiently produce drugs for patients.