Sumant Ramachandra, MD, PhD Hospira

Sumant Ramachandra, MD, PhD

Sumant Ramachandra, MD, PhD Hospira

Dr. Sumant Ramachandra brings 20-plus years of healthcare experience and strong leadership abilities to his role as senior vice president and chief scientific officer.

Ramachandra has made career leading scientific advancements for some of the industry's largest pharmaceutical companies, including Merck, Pharmacia, Pfizer and Schering-Plough. AS an R&D business leader, he set in motion several therapy programs that would benefit patients living with cancer – such as Camptosar® (irinotecan hydrochloride injection) and Aromasin® (exemestane tablets) at Pfizer, and Temodar® (temozolomide capsules) at Schering-Plough. He was responsible for formulating innovative strategies and executing R&D plans that resulted in successful U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approvals.

Ramachandra's award-winning work is also widely recognized through publications. He has participated in a multitude of scientific studies on tumor cell biology and immunology as well as authoring book chapters about basic cell biology and oncology. He has also filed several product patents for various cancer treatments and the use of antibodies in cancer therapy. In addition, Dr. Ramachandra has appeared in the PharmaVOICE 100, which recognizes top leaders in the health sciences, as well as Diversity MBA Magazines "Top 100 under 50 Diverse Executive Leaders" and Crain's Chicago Business' "40 Under 40."

He earned a bachelor's degree in biochemistry from Rutgers University, graduating with high honors. Dr Ramachandra then pursued a combined M.D./Ph.D. degree from the University of Medicine and Dentistry – New Jersey Medical School, receiving the University's Medal of Excellence and subsequently conducting his residency at the Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital. Ramachandra also earned an MBA at Wharton Business School.