Søren C. Meyer, M.Sc. InnoScan A/S

Søren C.  Meyer, M.Sc.

Søren C. Meyer, M.Sc. InnoScan A/S

Søren C Meyer holds a Master of Science in Opto-Mechanical Engineering, with specialty in gas lasers.

He has worked 10 years in the graphical industry, designing machines for optical exposure of serigraphy printing screens and offset printing plates.

Søren joined InnoScan in 2005 and have designed a substantial part of the mechanics in the current InnoScan High speed Inspection machines. Søren have designed many of the optical inspection stations used on the InnoScan Inspection Machines.

Søren holds the position as Mechanical and Hardware Engineering Manager at InnoScan, and is responsible for all Mechanical, Optical and Hardware development activities on Inspection Machines at InnoScan. 

InnoScan is located in Aarhus, Denmark.

In 2013, InnoScan became a part of Stevanato Group, with headquarter near Venice, Italy.