Sebastian Hillbrand SKAN AG

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Sebastian Hillbrand SKAN AG Strategic Product Manager

With over a decade of dedicated expertise in the GMP industry, I am a Global Strategic Product Manager and visionary leader in Fill-finish Operations. Focused on driving global innovation in pharmaceutical packaging solutions, my commitment is centered on achieving healthcare excellence. I have spearheaded the development of award-winning solutions, notably Robocell and Integra, showcasing my prowess as a Development Lead. These groundbreaking solutions exemplify my dedication to pioneering advancements in the industry. Throughout my 10-year journey, I've consistently navigated complex regulatory landscapes, ensuring that products exceed compliance standards. My strategic vision encompasses a holistic approach to product management, optimizing portfolios globally and fostering key partnerships to deliver forward-thinking solutions. As a seasoned professional with an MBA from the University of St.Gallen, I am poised to continue elevating the standards of pharmaceutical packaging. My mission is clear: to lead and innovate, ensuring our solutions contribute to healthcare excellence on a global scale.