Sean McEwen MEng AbbVie Inc.

Sean McEwen MEng

Sean McEwen MEng AbbVie Inc. Vice President Quality Assurance

Sean McEwen is head of the Operations Quality Assurance team for AbbVie. In his current role, Sean leads a team who is responsible for ensuring that all products are consistently produced and controlled to the quality standards appropriate to their intended use and as required by the Market Authorization. Quality Assurance provides oversight for products, manufacturing processes and plants, quality systems, suppliers, third party manufacturers and global commercial and distribution. The organization plays a key role in developing and maintaining external relationships with our industry peer group and worldwide regulatory authorities.

Sean joined the Global Pharmaceutical Operations function of Abbott Laboratories in 2004 and held several leadership positions at Abbott/AbbVie in Ireland and in the US including Plant Manager, Divisional Vice President of Regional Quality, Vice President of Biologics Manufacturing and Vice President of Science and Technology. Prior to joining Abbott, Sean spent 2 years at Fluor and 6 years in Merck.

Sean graduated with a master’s in chemical engineering from the Queens University of Belfast in 1995 and is a Fellow of the Irish Academy of Engineering.