Scott Nunn MS, MBA Gilead Sciences

Scott Nunn MS, MBA

Scott Nunn MS, MBA Gilead Sciences Sr Director, Packaging and Labeling Development

Scott Nunn is the Sr Director of Packaging and Labeling Development at Gilead Sciences in Foster City, CA. Scott is passionate about developing products to improve patient’s lives. Scott has been working in the pharmaceutical industry for 18 years and has experience in development of various drug delivery systems. Scott has been with Gilead for 7 years and has held roles in device engineering and packaging & labeling. Prior to joining Gilead, Scott spent time at Genentech and Amgen, supporting the development and approval of class 2 and 3 combination products. In his free time, Scott enjoys spending time with his family, working on home renovation projects and spending time outdoors. Scott holds a BS in chemical engineering and a M. Eng in pharmaceutical engineering from the University of Michigan, as well as an MBA from UCLA.