Sara Cook, PhD IliaCook Consulting

Sara Cook, PhD

Sara Cook, PhD IliaCook Consulting

Sara Cook is an accomplished professional known for her expertise in leadership, data strategy, data governance, data science, advanced analytics, and statistics. She excels in strategic planning, creative problem-solving, and fostering cross-collaboration in Science, Technology, and Manufacturing.

With a distinguished career, Sara has crafted and executed strategies to address critical business challenges, utilizing design thinking and comprehensive data programs. She has established Data and Analytics Center of Excellence, leveraging new digital capabilities like data science, ML, AI, and automation to drive impactful business value.

In the domain of CMC statistics, Sara has been a vital advisor in biotech and pharma, where she enhances product quality through optimization of processes, assays, and formulations. Sara adeptly turns big data into valuable insights and applies methodologies like QbD and statistical process control.

Sara possesses a Doctorate, Master's, and Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering. Her achievements have been recognized through various honors and awards, underscoring her dedication and expertise.

With roles at ILIACOOK STATISTICAL CONSULTING, PHARMEFEX, and NOVAVAX, Sara has made significant contributions to our industry. Her insights and expertise are poised to address regulatory and quality aspects, making her a valuable speaker for conferences focused on the application of AI in biotech and pharma.