Romain Veillon PharmD GSK

Romain Veillon PharmD

Romain Veillon PharmD GSK Director Vision Technology MSAT

Romain Veillon is Director of Vision Technology at GSK, in Global MSAT Device and Aspetic Technologies. As a global expert, he is leading the Visual Inspection and leak detection performance and expertise network on multiple sites. Romain is leading a global team to manufacture and supply defect kits and; trend defects across GSK sites. He focuses on Quality Integration, New Technology Development, Validation Strategy, Capability assessment, Asset Management programs, Technical Watch, Performance Improvement, and Develop Equipment strategy within the network. He manages a network of vision experts to develop visual Inspection expertise within GSK Vaccines. Romain is now focusing on Digitalization and innovation management with new AVI-LT asset deployment. Romain has developed expertise in new AVI equipment qualification and Deep Learning deployment. Last past 25 years he has worked in parenteral manufacturing, he has gained experience at Sanofi Pasteur, E Lilly, and GSK, in support of production and secondary operations projects for filling and freeze-drying. He also developed innovative vision systems with some academic collaborations and regular presentations at PDA conferences. In 2017, Romain developed a PDA course "Mastering AVI". Since 2018 Romain has been Interest Group Leader for Visual Inspection in PDA Europe and co-chairing the US and Europe PDA VI Forum. In 2020 Romain received the PDA James P. Agalloco Award for educational training.