Rick S. CSL Behring

Rick S.

Rick S. CSL Behring Patient Advovate

I was diagnosed with hemophilia B when I was born. For most of my childhood, I was alone in the hospital receiving frozen plasma treatments and felt ashamed of my condition. But when I was a teenager, a Bruce Lee movie inspired a lifelong love of martial arts. I became a taekwondo champion, but in my 50s, my body couldn’t handle the intense physical activity anymore. Instead, I learned tai chi, which taught me a sense of mindfulness and body connectivity that I hadn’t experienced before. I started teaching meditation and tai chi to others, which helped me learn that this condition isn’t a journey you go through alone. It’s something you share with the people in your life who love you. It took many years, but I’ve learned that this condition isn’t something to be ashamed of. My confidence is a strength I can teach others.