Prasanna Sistla VM Sciences

Prasanna Sistla

Prasanna Sistla VM Sciences Technical Director

Prasanna Kumar Sistla, currently serving as the Technical Director at VM Sciences, is actively involved in researching the utilization of Hydrogen Peroxide for disinfecting airborne surfaces. With an extensive 18-year history in the industry, he has been committed to disinfecting microbiology and virology laboratories, as well as classified cleanroom areas within pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing facilities. This involves employing fogging devices in conjunction with Hydrogen Peroxide as the sporicidal. His primary area of concentration revolves around the development and optimization of disinfection cycles, particularly for various isolator systems. Since the mid-2013, he has taken charge of designing, developing, and optimizing decontamination cycles for nearly 200 different locations. His wealth of experience and expertise in this field has motivated him to dedicate himself to research focused on pure hydrogen peroxide-based disinfection. The objective is to create a commercially viable and sustainable system that not only reduces ownership costs but also offers automated operation, shortens decontamination times, and leaves minimal residues in the treated areas. At present, Mr. Sistla extends consulting services to various end users of disinfection systems and manufacturers of isolators. He plays a crucial role in aiding the design, development, and deployment of optimal disinfection cycles.