Paul Devuyst Master Bioengineer GSK

Paul Devuyst Master Bioengineer

Paul Devuyst Master Bioengineer GSK Senior Manager Aseptic Technologies

Paul Devuyst Senior Manager Aspetic Technologies, GSK Global MSAT Master Degree Bioengineer and 3rd cycle in Pharmaceutical Engineering. Expertise in engineering and project management, mainly in biotech and pharmaceutical projects, Profound experience in managing designs and leading projects during project delivery until verification step. Manage multidisciplinary teams knowledgeable about GEP, Aseptic processes, clean utility systems, process equipment and facility design. Aseptic and sterile manufacturing and containment solutions As Senior Manager Aseptic Technologies, act as global technology (equipment and associated practices) owner for GSK Vaccines in Secondary Aseptic Technologies (from formulation container to primary container capping - vials, syringes, tubes, BFS – in RABS, Isolator Technologies, loading / unloading of Freeze-dryers ) Whatever the expertise area managed by each Global experts, articulated around 7 Core Activities: o Technical Standard o Project support o Global Support and Troubleshooting support o Capacity and performance monitoring o Site capability development o Technologies Intelligence (TRD, RA, Commercial interface) o Technical watch