Michael Spallek, PhD rommelag ENGINEERING

Michael Spallek, PhD

Michael Spallek, PhD rommelag ENGINEERING

Michael Spallek has over 25 years of professional experience that covers pharmaceutical packaging of different dosage forms from oral solids to parenterals and inhalable drug products including medical devices.

Michael started his professional career at University of Karlsruhe receiving his Ph. D. in physical chemistry. He gained experience in medical grade materials from borosilicate glasses to high performance plastics in his role as director of the Pharma Competence Center of Schott AG.

Previously he was responsible for global packaging development and Device development at Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma.

Currently he is director of the R&D at rommelag, Germany, the inventor and world-market leader for blow-fill seal-technology.

He has published over 20 papers and holds several international patents in areas relating to coatings, devices and pharmaceutical packaging.