Michael Lasse PhD Sartorius

Michael Lasse PhD

Michael Lasse PhD Sartorius Global Product Manager

Dr. Michael Lasse is a Global Product Manager for Virus Clearance working at Sartorius in Göttingen. He is a biochemist with strong focus on protein expression, downstream purification and viral clearance. After studying cell and molecular biology at the University of Rostock, he continued his PhD studies in Biochemistry at the University of Cologne. His research areas include the programmed cell death during development of neural progenitor cells as well as recombinant protein expression of apoptosis relevant membrane proteins, development of chromatographic purification techniques and identification of post-translational lipid modifications. In 2013 he joined Charles River Laboratories in Cologne as a Study Director for virus clearance (VC) studies and later managed a specialized team within the VC operations group focusing on chromatography, chromatography-related tech transfer and associated topics like continuous processing. In 2019 he transitioned into his current position as a Global Product Manager at Sartorius focussing on technologies for virus inactivation and virus removal in particular upstream and downstream virus filtration and associated production setups in commercial manufacturing.