Matthew Hancock PhD Veryst Engineering

Matthew Hancock PhD

Matthew Hancock PhD Veryst Engineering Principal

Dr. Matthew Hancock is a Principal at Veryst Engineering, a technical consulting firm in the Boston area. Dr. Hancock has extensive experience in fluid mechanics related to product design and performance, with core areas including microfluidics, surface tension and wetting, heat transfer, species transport, and mixing. He consults in microfluidic and fluidic devices in biopharma, biotechnology, medical devices, combination products, process technologies, and consumer products. For combination products, he and his team consult on a range of topics including autoinjector performance, syringe stopper lubrication and motion, vial fogging, lyophilization, dense suspension jamming, drug product drying, water ingress, and leakage. Dr. Hancock has worked in academic, medical, and industrial settings, both as project lead and as a model-based engineering consultant. He earned his PhD in environmental fluid mechanics from MIT. Prior to joining Veryst, he worked with the Broad Institute, the Wyss Institute, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and the Department of Applied Mathematics at MIT. Dr. Hancock has coauthored dozens of peer-reviewed research articles in journals such as Nature Materials, Lab on a Chip, Small, and Biomaterials.