Matt Hofacre STERIS Corporation

Matt Hofacre

Matt Hofacre STERIS Corporation Senior Director, Technical Services

Matt Hofacre is Senior Director of Technical Services for STERIS Corporation Life Sciences Division, a leading provider of infection prevention and contamination control products and services. Mr. Hofacre has been with STERIS Corporation since 1999 with experience in the life science pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical/ATMP production, food and beverage, medical device, high containment, and laboratory research industries. He and his team are responsible for applications and technical guidance for Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide, Steam Sterilization, Washing, Pure Steam, Water Systems and Services. Mr. Hofacre has a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati and a MBA from Cleveland State University. He is a presenter and trainer at national and international conferences including The Parental Drug Association (PDA), International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers ( ISPE), American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Tradeline, Asia Pacific Biological Association (A-PBA), Medical Device Asia, J&J 3rd Annual Sterility Assurance Conference Speaker, China Association for Medical Devices Industry, Medical Device Packaging committee, International Medical Device Sterility Assurance Summit, CNPPA. Mr. Hofacre served as co-Author for PDA Technical Report 48 : Moist Heat Sterilization Systems and has contributed to numerous other articles on WFI water systems, VHP, and Pharmaceutical Equipment Selection.