Marshall Rutter NJM Packaging (Representing Dara Pharmaceutical Packaging)

Marshall Rutter

Marshall Rutter NJM Packaging (Representing Dara Pharmaceutical Packaging) Aseptic Applications Engineer

Mr. Rutter graduated from the University of Kansas with a BS in Chemical Engineering and has 7 years of experience in plant and process engineering in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. He has experience as a facility level process engineer, a facility design consultant, and as an aseptic applications engineer. Marshall has knowledge of a wide range of pharmaceutical and biotech technologies from front end engineering and design to procurement, startup, commissioning, qualification, and commercialization. Marshall’s engineering experience includes aseptic compounding and fill/finish, fermentation and biologic production, nonsterile liquids, and oral solid dose. Marshall is currently the Aseptic Applications Engineer for NJM Packaging, the North American representative for Dara Pharmaceutical Packaging, a leading manufacturer of aseptic fill/finish machines.