Maggie Reiff-Bandel MBA Johnson & Johnson

Maggie Reiff-Bandel MBA

Maggie Reiff-Bandel MBA Johnson & Johnson Global Head Lifecycle Management ATSC MSAT

Maggie Bandel has extensive industry experience covering diagnostics, medical devices, combination products, novel drug delivery systems, and advanced therapies. Her experience spans all product life stages, from early-stage R&D through lifecycle management, covering a wide range of pharmaceutical products and processes throughout her various leadership roles.

Maggie spent the last three years leading a team of industry experts that formed the PDA Combination Products Steering Committee, providing input and oversight into critical areas within the industry. After spending the last few years leading various start-up R&D organizations, Maggie now leads a global team for lifecycle management activities in advanced therapies at Johnson and Johnson.

Maggie holds an MBA from Rutgers University and a BS in Biomedical Engineering from UNC/NC State University.