Lucy Cabral Roche - Genentech

Lucy Cabral

Lucy Cabral Roche - Genentech

Lucy has twenty-five years of experience at Genentech and Roche in the Quality Assurance, Operations, Compliance, and Quality Control groups as part of the plant quality functions.

Lucy has extensive experience managing commercial and clinical contract manufacturers and material suppliers operating worldwide, US, Europe, and Asia. Lucy holds a Bachelor of Sciences in Biology ad she is an expert in auditing raw material suppliers.

Currently Lucy is the Head of Supplier Quality Management, for the Roche Pharma worldwide responsible for the management of materials (chemicals and components).  The team is responsible for qualifying and monitoring Roche suppliers worldwide of clinical and commercial material for biologics and small molecule products and for Material Specifications lifecycle management used globally as well as the responsibility of expiry date assignment of Roche products.

Lucy is the Secretary of the Board of Directors of RX360 Industry Consortium and is the leader of the PDA Supply Chain Interest Group.