Kevin Susice MS Bionique Testing Laboratories

Kevin Susice MS

Kevin Susice MS Bionique Testing Laboratories Project-Based Scientist

Kevin Susice has been employed with Bionique Testing Laboratories since 2020 and currently fills the role of a Project-Based Scientist in the Research and Development department. In this position, he is responsible for managing studies designed to increase efficiency, improve quality, and investigate relevant new technologies. While at Bionique, Kevin has become increasingly familiar with rapid microbiological methods for the detection of mycoplasma. Specific platform experience includes MycoSEQ™, BioFire®, and the AutoMate Express™ Nucleic Acid Extraction System for which he recently validated to replace a manual extraction procedure. Kevin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomolecular Science and a Master of Science degree in Bioscience and Biotechnology, both from Clarkson University. His academic research involved studying how to edit the genome of model bovine nucleus pulposus cells using CRISPR-Cas9 technology.