Kenneth Paddock Baxter Healthcare

Kenneth Paddock

Kenneth Paddock Baxter Healthcare Quality Director, Sterility Assurance

As a Quality Sterility Assurance Director at Baxter Healthcare, Ken Paddock is responsible for leading a global team of Regional Sterility Assurance Representatives to create and carry out a unified SA strategy plan across Baxter as the Global Sterility Assurance (SA) Lead within the quality department. The team is also responsible for regional sterility assurance compliance and offers quality management for facility-level microbiological control and cleanroom practices. Ken has more than 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector, with expertise in environmental monitoring systems, product/process development, and terminal sterilization (ethylene oxide, moist heat, and radiation) for both drug and device product. Ken is a current member of the PDA Chapter Board and has served the chapter in a number of elected capacities since 2010. These include President, President-elect, Treasurer, Secretary and Member-at-Large. In addition, he serves on the PDA's Science Advisory Board, a diverse group of leading bio-pharmaceutical industry experts setting strategic direction for the PDA on technical topics associated with pharmaceutical manufacturing and quality. He also serves as the co-chair for the 2023 and 2024 PDA Annual Meetings.