Juan Rodriguez MSc Rapid Micro Biosystems

Juan Rodriguez MSc

Juan Rodriguez MSc Rapid Micro Biosystems Sr. Supervisor R&D Microbiology

Hello, Juan is an accomplished early-career professional with over four years of industry experience in Microbiology. During his academic career, he specialized in designing and executing microbial methods related to QCM biosensors and the contributions of microbial fouling to drag reduction. He has leveraged this expertise in his professional career, where he has worked with development teams that have made significant contributions to the improvement of rapid microbial detection software and the development of novel microbial media formulations. He holds an M.S in Clinical Laboratory Sciences from the University of Massachusetts Lowell, which has equipped him with a solid understanding of the fundamental principles of microbiology. His expertise in microbial methods, including QCM biosensors, has given him a unique perspective on microbial detection technologies. Juan's career progression at Rapid Micro Biosystems is a testament to his exceptional leadership skills and technical expertise. He has held multiple positions at the company, most recently as Sr. Research Associate, R&D Microbiology. In this role, he has led and participated in teams responsible for new product development activities and customer applications support. As Sr. Supervisor, R&D Microbiology, Juan now oversees the microbiology R&D team and manages the day-to-day activities of the department.