Jon Bell Fulcrum PDC

Jon Bell

Jon Bell Fulcrum PDC

Jon Bell is the co-founder and Managing Partner for Fulcrum PDC, a New Jersey based consulting firm started in 2010 that is dedicated to helping medical product companies develop meaningful products for the pharmaceutical, life science and device global markets.

Jon has more than 30 years of experience exclusively in the development and commercialization of medical devices and combination products. As an Engineer, he has been extensively involved in bringing innovative new medical products to the market using his diverse career experience in R&D, Business Development and Operational roles. Jon spent nearly 20 years at BD in R&D supporting their drug delivery device business. In addition to his role as a senior project leader, he led the assessment of new and emerging medical technology as part of BD’s license and acquisition ventures, focusing on evaluating market, technical and manufacturing viability for each potential opportunity. Following BD, Jon was the VP of Operations for a medical device start-up company.

Jon’s primary responsibilities at Fulcrum PDC include project management, design controls execution & documentation, implementing/updating quality systems, evaluating device & combination product concepts, product design and human factors/usability engineering, as well as presenting customized training workshops for clients covering such topics as device & combination product development, design controls, risk management and human factors/usability. He provides engineering, quality systems and regulatory support to a diverse group of clients ranging from the largest pharmaceutical and medical device corporations to aspiring start-up companies.

Jon received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology and an MS in Biomedical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. In addition to medical device patents, he has been a team member recipient of several nationally recognized medical product design awards.