Jimi Olaghere -

Jimi Olaghere

Jimi Olaghere - Gene Editing Recipient

Jimi Olaghere is a CASGEVY™ recipient. Drawing from his personal experience of living with Sickle Cell Disease for 35 years, Olaghere has become a staunch advocate for increased accessibility of gene therapies for SCD patients. His dedication to patient advocacy stems from a deep-rooted belief in the power of equitable healthcare and the fundamental right of every individual to access life-changing treatments. Olaghere's journey took a transformative turn when he became involved in a groundbreaking clinical trial led by Vertex Pharmaceutical and CRISPR Therapeutics. His participation in the trial resulted in a significant achievement - a functional cure for Sickle Cell Disease. This monumental breakthrough not only transformed Olaghere's life but also propelled him into the forefront of the conversation surrounding gene therapy and its potential to revolutionize healthcare.