Jez Clements, PhD Cambridge Design Partnership

Jez Clements, PhD

Jez Clements, PhD Cambridge Design Partnership

Jez is a chartered engineer who has developed several new consumer and medical products and their production systems. After studying Innovation and Engineering Design at the University of Bath, he completed a PhD focussed on the dynamic testing of hip stem implants.

Jez started his working career with high speed production processes for FMCG clients and then renewed his interest in medical devices and production engineering at CDP.

Working with both multi-national companies and small start-ups, notable projects include the design and development of a hospital infection diagnostic system, capacitive sensing systems on lancing devices and a pilot production line for a novel moisture sensor for aviation fuel.

More recent projects are currently confidential but include new breakthrough product developments for a consumer device super-brand. Through his work, Jez has developed specialist design knowledge in the physiological testing of medical devices and packaging design to withstand severe environmental conditions. Jez has been named inventor on a number of patents and seeks those Eureka moments where design becomes simple.