Jennifer Wagner PhD OnSite-LLC

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Jennifer Wagner PhD OnSite-LLC Microbiologist/Managing partner

Jennifer has dedicated her efforts and expertise to contamination control program design through evidence-based science, research, education and consulting. She has over twenty years of experience in environmental and clinical microbiology. As managing partner of OnSite-LLC, she is dedicated to improved outcomes through data driven solutions and has worked in numerous critical environments both nationwide and internationally. Collaborative efforts to develop the use of Environmental Quality Indicators (EQI) for critical spaces have been validated in 120+ procedures and are published in 12 peer reviewed journal articles. Jennifer is a seasoned and experienced presenter for large and small audiences since 2001, including APIC, AORN, ASHRAE and many others. With OnSite’s multidisciplinary team of clinicians, microbiologist, pharmacists, engineers, architects and designers, she has worked to optimize the asepsis of critical spaces from hospitals to cleanrooms and has developed an algorithm, with over five hundred thousand data points, to accurately predict the risk of microbial contamination in critical spaces within the built environment. Her future endeavors continue to explore innovative solutions for successful and prudent improvement of infection prevention.