James Spolyar Skan US, Inc.

James Spolyar

James Spolyar Skan US, Inc.

James Spolyar was one of the three persons that introduced isolator technology into the US Pharmaceutical market in 1986.  He is also a past President of the American Glovebox Society.   Through his experiences below, he has been involved in every phase of the isolator world, from sterility testing in flexible wall isolators to high level containment systems, with sophisticated machinery interface technology.  SHe has been involved in highly active biotechnology projects as well, using Class 3 and Class 4 equipment.

James Spolyar founded Aseptic Barrier Systems in November 2002. Aseptic Barrier is the exclusive agent for the Americas, for SKAN AG, a Swiss Corporation.   He was deeply involved in the formation of SKAN US, INC and in the development of sales for both SKAN US and SKAN AG.  He was Director of Sales for Carlisle/Walker Barrier Systems from June 1996 to November 2002.  Prior to joining Carlisle Barrier Systems, Jim served as Chief Operating Officer of La Calhene, Inc. from 1988 until April of 1996, involved in manufacturing and sales of isolation products for the pharmaceutical industry.   He has been deeply involved in the design, sales and applications of containment and aseptic isolators, with all of the above companies.  He received a JD degree from the University of Michigan Law School in 1964 and received his B.A. from the University of Michigan College of Literature, Service & Arts in June 1961


PDA-Parenteral Drug Association
ISPE –International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers
American Glovebox Society-Member of the Board of Directors-
American Bar Association