Jaime Kaho’ohanohano Microrite, Inc.

Jaime Kaho’ohanohano

Jaime Kaho’ohanohano Microrite, Inc. Senior Microbiology Consultant

Jaime Kaho’ohanohano has 15 years of direct work experience in quality control testing and microbial contamination control ranging from clinical to commercial facilities. She began her career in the lab and field of collecting and testing microbial samples. Her attention to detail and inquisitiveness led her to lead high-level microbial investigations, trending of data, client audits, risk assessments, and regulatory audit SME. Later in her career as a manager, she worked to improve the overall contamination control of a facility that assessed all aspects of microbial risk to the product from gowning, cleaning and disinfection, to a risk-based Environmental Monitoring program. She now rounds out her career as a Senior Microbiology Consultant for Microrite Inc., for the last 7 years. She applies her hands-on knowledge and experience to help clients from many different disciplines. She has a bachelor’s degree in Microbiology from Arizona State University. She is passionate about sharing her love for science to inspire young students to pursue careers in STEM.