Gina Marsee Merck & Co., Inc.

Gina Marsee

Gina Marsee Merck & Co., Inc. Director, Compendial Compliance and Advocacy

Gina Marsee is Director, Compendial Compliance and Advocacy at Merck located in West Point, PA, USA. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry & Biology from the University of Tennessee and has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 29+ years holding various leadership roles within Quality, Compliance, and Regulatory Affairs. Prior to joining Merck, she was Site Head of Quality & Regulatory Affairs at Thermo Fisher Scientific API manufacturing site in Greenville, SC. She previously worked at Pfizer as Director of Quality and Regulatory Policy. Gina participates with various industry groups, pharmacopoeia organizations, and regulators on contemporary compendial related matters. She advocates for harmonization/convergence of public standard in support of availability of quality medicines for patients globally. Gina was a delegate member to the USP 2020 Convention and holds a position on IPEC America's Executive Committee and recent co-chair of the USP Prescription/Non-Prescription Stakeholder Forum. She is an active member of the PDA Pharmacopoeia Interest Group.