Erin G. Wang, MS Eli Lilly and Company

Erin G.  Wang, MS

Erin G. Wang, MS Eli Lilly and Company

Erin Wang is an Associate Senior Consultant for Compendial Affairs at Eli Lilly and Company, USA. She is responsible for representing Eli Lilly and Company in global pharmacopeial related activities.

Erin received her B.S. degree from Tianjin University (China) in Material Science and Engineering, M.S. degree from Western Kentucky University (U.S.A.) in Analytical Chemistry. She was certified with U.S. Regulatory Affairs Certification in 2006.

Erin started her Lilly career as an analytical chemist for biotech API’s quality control. Subsequently, Erin managed analytical projects to support new product launch in the areas of purchased material and injectable product quality control.

Erin has been actively involved in U.S. PhRMA project team in developing ICH Q3D guideline for Elemental Impurities. She has been invited to speak at numerous global venues on a variety of compendial topics, including an emphasis on global pharmacopoeia harmonization and industry perspective for compendial requirements.