Eric Leven Rip Road

Eric Leven

Eric Leven Rip Road

Eric Leven has spent the last 20 years as a leader and entrepreneur in pharma, medtech, and telecommunications.

Since 2005, he has served as President and CEO of Rip Road, a leading digital health partner that enables pharma and medtech brands to differentiate in the market by providing companion solutions that improve adherence, help patients manage their conditions, and live healthier lives.

Prior to launching Rip Road he worked for multiple startups, including Mainspring (sold to IBM), Europe Online Networks (raised $100+MM) and AT&T Wireless.

While at AT&T, Eric led several startup initiatives. He developed the U.S. SMS Aggregator business, co-founded the U.S. Short Code industry, and launched mobile video services for Cingular Wireless with HBO.

Aside from leading business development and partnership development for Rip Road, Eric advises other digital health startups and has served as a grant review expert for the UCSF T1 Catalyst Program, which supports the early development of diagnostics, therapeutics, devices and/or digital health by researchers at UCSF.