Dominik Ziegler MA Novartis Pharma AG

Dominik Ziegler MA

Dominik Ziegler MA Novartis Pharma AG Executive Director Device Technology Device Technology Solution Center

Dominik Ziegler, a seasoned professional in pharmaceutical engineering, holds a Master’s degree in Process Engineering from the Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, and an advanced scientific degree in Pharmaceutical Medicine from the University of Basel, Switzerland. His career began in 1996 with Novartis, where he honed his skills in developing manufacturing processes for small molecule drug substances. His expertise expanded as a pilot plant chemist, supplying GMP drug substances. Dominik’s focus then shifted to device and packaging development, with a particular emphasis on inhalers for pulmonary drug delivery. Over a decade, he led numerous projects involving inhalers, respiratory drug products, and connected device solutions responsible. Dominik’s leadership extended to heading the device and packaging development department for New Chemical Entities (NCEs) at Novartis, and later overseeing technical device development for all Novartis development projects.