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Derek Sabori MBA

Derek Sabori MBA thinkPARALLAX Senior Director, Communications

Derek Sabori Sustainability Consultant & Educator Sustainability | Communications, Coaching, Teaching, Brand Building, Consulting An apparel industry veteran with over 24 years in the action sports/lifestyle industry and two degrees from UC Irvine, Derek balances multiple roles revolving around sustainability & mindfulness. Currently a Sr. Director at the sustainability strategy and communications agency, thinkPARALLAX, and the host of the "Good Things Happening, Just Under the Surface" and "Inspiring Perspectives" podcasts, Derek’s also a consultant and coach to lifestyle brands. A former college instructor and an entrepreneur, Derek is most in the zone when helping brands, individuals, and students start, strengthen, and scale meaningful sustainability programs through a 3-phase engagement approach he calls “Educate-Empower-Activate.” Learn more at and/or