David Turner Ecolab

David Turner

David Turner Ecolab Global Technical Consultant

David is a pharmaceutical microbiologist with 10+ years of experience in the manufacture of various pharmaceutical formats including oral liquids, topicals, sterile inhalations, and sterile injectables. David’s experience includes overseeing environmental monitoring programs for both aseptic fill finish and terminal sterilization facilities, as well as performing quality control testing of raw materials, in-process, and finished products. He has experience developing cleanroom qualification sampling plans and identifying trends within EM data to drive continuous improvement. David has also overseen site-wide gowning qualification programs and led various trainings on aseptic operations. He has led numerous investigations into environmental monitoring non-conformities utilizing risk management to identify and mitigate contamination risks. 

David is a Global Technical Consultant with Ecolab and advises on correct application and use of cleanroom biocides to meet current regulatory guidance and industry best practice. He specializes in the implementation and optimization of cleaning and disinfection regimes.