Danielle DeCesaro MBA Rapid Micro Biosystems

Danielle DeCesaro MBA

Danielle DeCesaro MBA Rapid Micro Biosystems Associate Product Manager, Growth Direct Automation

Danielle DeCesaro has extensive experience in microbiology research and rapid microbiological methods. She was a bench scientist for 12 years studying bacterial retention and media characters, prior to a career change to manufacturing engineering where she characterized and performed experiments to improve media performance used in rapid microbial methods. Since December 2021; Danielle has worked as an Associate Product Manager where she is responsible for software services used to provide data traceability and integrity. She was involved in the launch of RMBNucleus Mold Alarm in November 2022 and has continued to support the launch through technical writing, webinars, and generating voice of customer to provide the next level of software product roadmaps. In May of 2023, Danielle transitioned to a new role as Associate Product Manager, Growth Direct Automation. In this new role, she will continue to serve as an MQC SME, support RMBNucleus Mold Alarm, and highlight the value of the Growth Direct System.