Coralie Richard PhD Eli Lilly and Company

Coralie Richard PhD

Coralie Richard PhD Eli Lilly and Company Senior Director

Coralie Richard is the Director of Packaging Systems in Delivery and Device Connected Solutions (DDCS) at Eli Lilly and Company, Indianapolis, USA. A native of France, she came to the USA to pursue her PhD in Organic Chemistry at the Georgia Institute of Technology. After working as an R&D scientist in a material company, she joined the primary packaging system team at Eli Lilly, supporting container closure systems development activities and container-related research projects. Her contributions were recognized with two Eli Lilly Top 100 Innovator Awards half a dozen articles and a patent. In her current role, she provides technical and organizational leadership in the areas of primary packaging/container closure development, secondary packaging, shipping & distribution, surface science, and several related DDCS laboratories. Her global team supports clinical and commercial development activities across all business units.