Christian Helbig SCHOTT Pharma AG

Christian Helbig

Christian Helbig SCHOTT Pharma AG Vice President Glass Syringe Business

Christian Helbig is a seasoned business leader in the pharmaceutical packaging industry and spearheading innovative drug delivery solutions at SCHOTT Pharma. With a focus on collaboration with pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies, he is dedicated to providing cutting-edge glass syringe solutions that facilitate the commercialization of drug-device combination therapies. His extensive experience, spanning over 15 years, in the development and commercialization of pre-fillable syringes, both glass and polymer, for vaccines and biologics, underscores his expertise in the field. This expertise is critical in meeting the evolving needs of vaccine and biologic applications, which require precise and reliable drug delivery methods. Christian's educational background, with an Engineering degree in Chemical Engineering applied to Biotechnology from the University of Applied Science Emden in Germany, provides him with a solid foundation in the scientific principles underlying his work. This combination of practical experience and academic knowledge positions him as a key player in advancing the field of pharmaceutical packaging and drug delivery.